Kubba’s practice is multi-disciplinary and material-based; it relies on story-telling, drawing, and drawing connections. One of her central research projects concerns rugs as historic and craft objects; as traveling heirlooms and artifacts; as holders of memory and as units of architecture. She is interested in how rugs are made, purchased, rolled, wrapped, transported, settled-or-acquired, displayed, and unfurled; in homes, deserts, and museum collections. Kubba’s work recalls these rugs using industrial materials such as rubber, liquid latex, 3D filament, found thread, and re-used packaging.

Kubba has presented and exhibited work at Radiophrenia, Glasgow (2022 & 2020); Aga Khan Museum, Toronto (2019 & 2017); Art Gallery of Ontario (2019); Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow (2016); Glasgow International Art Festival (2016 & 2014); Hilary Crisp, London (2014); and Kendall Koppe, Glasgow (2013); among others. She is currently working on a digital art commission by Canadian artist-duo Bambitchell, to be released in December 2022.

Corners of Your Sky, Achernar

hand-drawn PLA filament

46.5 x 67 inches


Embroidery and sewing thread on PE-HD bag from

an Amazon package. Suffocation warning in three

languages covered up by embroidery

22 x 26 inches (unframed)

Corners of Your Sky, Ankaa

alcohol ink on flesh coloured latex

60x 80 inches

Corners of Your Sky, Alphard

hand-drawn PLA filament

46.5 x 67 inches (unframed)


Ink on 19 US Letter acetate sheets

43x 55 inches

Corners of Your Sky, Athubaba

Alcohol ink on green latex

36 x 41.5 inches