Octobet 14 to December 9, 2023


Curated By Renata Azevedo Moreira


Jay Karakower

Kim Neudorf

Laurence Philomene

Natalie King

Sasha Cousins


Engaging in self portraits calls for a permanent state of critical reflection about the effects and affects of displaying one’s own image. it is a complex business the era of selfies being one of fragmentation misunderstandings, and the quest for external validation, but the artistic interest in these practice often comes from the search for one’s ego, the essence of their soul or the revelation of their multiple personas

In self portrait, the self who sees across with the self who is seen creating entity that defies classic distinctions between representation and performativity. This hybrid being queers the notion of self and other complicating distinctions between subject and object, observer and observed, now and then. materializing a relational understanding of self queer self portrait allows for the multi publicity within an individual to reverberate in their surroundings.

Abdicating the idea of purity boat in fantasy, and in reality, these five artists unveiled versions of their potential selves through photography, painting and video here the medium is precisely that an intermediate of fall separation between one and several sharing traces of their author existence. These artists generously help us find ourselves with the guidance of their work.