Nobuo Kubota, now in the seventh decade of his “intermedia” practice, makes work that combines and moves between installation, sculpture/painting, sound/music and performance. An architect-turned-artist, Kubota left his architecture practice behind in the sixties, to make his continuously innovative art, ever since. Early sculpture works defined his unique approach to the spatial relationships between the artwork and audience. Nobuo’s current work continues his interest in spatial forms and colours as three-dimensional wall works, subtractive paintings made by grinding surfaces, in combination with extensions of language, both as written representation and special vocal techniques. The exhibition is completed by a live performance in the gallery (on September 23rd) filling the space with Nobuo Kubota. Kubota has been an important presence in the Toronto art world ecology since his days as an Isaacs Gallery artist, contributing to the diversity of thought and expanding cultural influence. As a founding member of the Artist’s Jazz Band, CCMC and the Music Gallery, he is a pioneer of experimental music and continues his sonic inventiveness. The Next Contemporary is pleased to celebrate Nobuo Kubota’s “intermedia” practice and showing works from the past 40 years. We aim to bring this unique opportunity to witness Kubota’s expansive and unbounded creative process through artworks, videos, and a special performance by the artist. This curated programming conceived by Mani Mazinani. Thank you to the Images Festival for co-presenting this project. Thank you also to Jos Theriault and Sameen Mahboubi for their contributions to the exhibition.