15 July - 9 September 2023

The notion of this group exhibition is inspired by historical and natural processes through the ongoing impacts of colonial immigration and enslavement on shaping landscapes. Through the centuries migrants caused significant shifts in land use and above all a widening human influence on geography and to date on architecture.

Societies develop systems of beliefs, values, norms, etc; systems that are concealing in bare sight and shape our mundane existence, systems to decide which (and how) histories are told.

This exhibition invites the audience to discover, participate, question, and dissect the systems that they exist in, around, and/or with. By decoding the migratory histories through an array of painterly imagined and staged landscapes, 1800s bricks hand-formed by enslaved Africans, and further components to uncover. In the hope of alleviating the lack of attention given to this invisible, visible labor that is still present yet absent.