Patrick F. Henry is a Haitian-Canadian artist who migrated to Montreal in 2011.
He is a graduate of the University of Quebec in Montreal (2019). He received the McAbbie Foundation Sculpture Excellence Grant from the School of Visual and Media Arts (UQAM) for his installation titled Je Suis Nouveau Ici (2020). He is a current MFA student in sculpture at Yale School of Art.

As a multidisciplinary artist, he explores the theme of ‘’becoming’’ through sculpture, painting, and installation. Through the appropriation of everyday objects that deviated from their function, of reclaimed materials, his works most often unfold in the form of a site promoting relations with the viewer, which invites them to an experience of self-reconstruction to convey alternations between construction, reconstruction, and destruction.

These different strategies are mobilized to underline the extensibility of the world in order to carry the idea that our seemingly fixed categories are instead changing phenomena that require a permanent renewal of being.

Patrick F. Henry is a collaborator with the gallery.