Kosisochukwu Nnebe is a Nigerian-Canadian visual artist. Using phenomenology as a
methodology, Nnebe’s practice makes use of hesitation as a generative form of affect that opens the viewer and the artist herself up to new forms of understanding. Touching on themes such as the process of racialization, diasporic experience, and epistemic violence and restitution, her work takes her lived experience as a starting point for engaging viewers on issues both personal and structural in ways that bring awareness to their own complicity.

Nnebe’s work has been exhibited at the Agnes Etherington, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Ottawa Art Gallery, Art Gallery of Guelph, Nia Centre, Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Place des Arts, AXENEO7, and the Mohr Gallery in Mountain View, California. She has given presentations on her artistic practice and research at universities across Quebec, including Laval, McGill and Concordia, has facilitated workshops at the National Gallery of Canada and the Ottawa Art Gallery, and was an instructor of Art and Criticism at the Ottawa School of Art.

Kosisochukwu Nnebe is a collaborator with the gallery.